Full Town Council

The main Town Council meetings are chaired by the Mayor and meet six times per year. The Annual Town Council meeting is held in May each year, this is the meeting at which the Mayor and committees for the year are elected. The Full Council deals with statutory items, such as agreeing the Council Tax charge (precept).

Standing Committees

Westbury Town Council has 3 standing committees, each responsible for different areas of work and council services:

Highways, Planning & Development Committee
Chair: Cllr Mike Sutton
Vice Chair: Cllr Gordon King
Members: Cllrs: I Cunningham, S Hendry, M Kettlety, B Pyne, N Pyne, J Russ, S Kimmins, J Charles

The Highways, Planning & Development Committee meetings are held on the third Monday of the month and considers all planning applications submitted to Wiltshire Council for the town as well as other consultation matters relating to licensing, highways and planning.

Policy & Resources Committee
Chair: Cllr Ward Jones
Vice Chair: Cllr Gordon King
Members: Cllrs: I Cunningham, M Kettlety, A Katonivualiku, J Russ, M Sutton, S Kimmins

The Policy & Resources Committee meetings alternate with Town Council meetings and are usually held on the first Monday of the month.

Finance Committee
Chair: Cllr Nick Pyne
Vice Chair: 
Members: Cllrs: I Cunningham, C Charlton, W Jones, G King, M Sutton

The Finance Committee manages the Town Council’s budgets to ensure all expenditure is authorised where necessary and income is collected.

Representatives of the Council on other bodies:

68 (Westbury) Sqn ATC – Cllr G King

BA13 Community Partnership – Cllr I Cunningham and Cllr G King

Community Area Transport Group (CATG) – Cllr S Hendry

Elbag Twinning Association – Cllr M Sutton

Warminster and Westbury CCTV Committee – Cllr S Kimmins

Westbury Area Board – Cllr I Cunningham and Cllr G King

Westbury District Twinning Association – Cllr M Sutton

Westbury Heritage Society – Cllr B Pyne

Westbury (Wilts) Welfare of the Elderly – Cllr N Pyne

Wiltshire Association of Local Councils – Cllr I Cunningham (no representation required)

Wiltshire Council Rights-of-Way – Cllr S Hendry and Cllr G King

Northacre – Hills Liaison Group – Cllr N Pyne