Town Clerk:

Deborah Urch

Deborah Urch


Deborah Urch

Deborah Urch was appointed Town Clerk in February 2016.  As Town Clerk, Deborah has overall responsibility for the management and operation of the Town Council.  Deborah will be working alongside the team based at The Laverton and in partnership with the Councillors to implement council decisions and to develop and carry out its policies.

Deborah is keen to hear from the Westbury community about their town and can be contacted by email at





The Town Clerk is directly supported by the following officers:


Administration Officer:

Julie Dyer





Civic & Town Council Administrator:

Sarah Barker



 Administration Assistant:

  Sarah Harris




  Administration Assistant:

    Kieran Thorburn




  Events Coordinator:

   Martin Dawson




Laverton Development  & Marketing Officer: 

Lilly Bale (away from the office)




Laverton Facilities Assistant:

Norman Burgess





Town Caretaker:

Andrew Thomas



 Neighbourhood Plan Project Coordinator:

  Phil McMullen




 Neighbourhood Plan Administrator:

  Justine Cook




Office Opening Hours:


Tel No: 01373 822232


In accordance with the Local Government Data Transparency Code 2015 Westbury Town Council publishes its staff structure:

Westbury Town Council Team Structure – August 2018