Training Workshop for Relative Carers

What’s this course about?

This is a short course, open to all new and existing primary carers and relatives in the community who find themselves in need of practical support and information on how to care for loved ones and, at the same time, help themselves. Each module is adapted to provide guidance to individuals / relatives who find themselves as primary carers, often at short notice and without training or support.

Course format

This is a classroom-based course delivered in a relaxed and friendly format. You’ll be part of a small group of carers who have come together for knowledge and support. There will be opportunities to work together as a group and discuss and share thoughts and ideas. The modular format of the sessions enables the course to be tailored to meet the needs of specific groups.

Learning aims and objectives

Some or all of the following topics can be covered, depending on the needs of the group.

  • Planned discharge from hospital and information needed around this
  • Becoming a relative or primary carer
  • Brief outline of the Care Act 2014, including carers’ rights and entitlements
  • Common situations and conditions – understanding and empathising with the impact of the conditions on the person being cared for plus information and practical ideas for supporting them
  • What person centred care is and how this can help carers to encourage the person being cared for to be as independent as possible
  • Guidance on methods that carers can use to help themselves
  • Links to where carers can find out about benefits and further support

Who will benefit from attending?

The course is ideal for new and existing primary carers and relatives who have had little or no training or support. Individuals who may not yet be carers, but expect to become carers will also benefit from attending.

Course duration

This is flexible depending on the requirements of the group. It can be delivered as a complete one day course, or divided into modules of varying length to suit the group’s needs.

Course dates

This course will be scheduled to run in line with demand. You can find the next dates on the Upcoming courses section of our website at or by calling 01225 713183.

Tailored sessions can be arranged for group bookings, at a date and time to suit.

Cost of the course

£60 per person for a full one day course, or £30 per person per module. Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements. We welcome any carers and potential carers in need of knowledge, practical support and information.

How to apply

Call the Learning in Wiltshire team on 01225 713183 or email us at

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