The Town Council listened to feedback from local residents who felt the loss of free parking had been unhelpful to the town centre. The Town Council has decided to trial two hour free parking, to see if this improves support for the town centre. During this twelve month experiment, the Town Council in partnership with Wiltshire Council will monitor the use of the car parks and the footfall in the town centre. If you value this scheme, the easiest way to let us know is by making full use of the two hour free parking.

The two hour free parking will begin on the 1st June 2017 in all Westbury public car parks:

Zone A and B High Street Car Park
Zone A and B Warminster Road Car Park
Westfield House Car Park, Bratton Road

During the twelve month trial, parking will be free for a stay of up to two hours, providing a two hour free car parking ticket is displayed clearly on the car windscreen. Stays of more than two hours must be paid for. When any car parking ticket expires, you must leave and not return to the same car park within one hour (no return within one hour). You may not extend any stay with either a paid for or free car parking ticket.  Please refer to the information displayed in each car park. Free and paid for tickets are obtained from the ticket machines in the usual way. Vehicles not displaying a ticket, with an expired ticket or returning to the same car park within one hour will be subject to a parking penalty charge. Wiltshire Council parking enforcement patrols will continue as before.