History of Westbury

History of Westbury 

Buildings of Historic Interest

Prospect Square 

Prospect Square was finished in 1869, built by Abraham Laverton to house his Mill workers. The square consisted of 32 homes and 7 almshouses.

Ref – The Laverton Institute Historical Summary PDF


Church Street

Church Street contains both the Public Baths, another work of Abraham Laverton and part of Manor of Westbury Chantry.



Although the baths were conceived by Abraham, he unfortunately did not live to see their completion. Instead his nephew (William Laverton) completed his final work and presented them to Westbury a year after his death.

Westbury Manor 

Although the Westbury Manor has now disappeared, part of it survives as the medieval section of the Pinniger and Finch Solicitors office.

Ref – The Laverton Institute Historical Summary PDF.