White Horse

White Horse 

Westbury White Horse

Although technically located along the boundary of Bratton, the ‘Westbury’ White horse is considered one of the oldest of the Wiltshire horses and reputed to have been first created in 878, the current shape dates from the 1770’s. Situated on Westbury Hill, the white horse overlooks the Iron Age Hill fort ‘Bratton Camp’, the white horse is ideally placed for public viewing, surrounded by idyllic countryside, one could say the white horse is a marvel of English Beauty. It is a favourite spot for picnics, walking, kite flying, hang gliding and para gliding.

Next to the White Horse is Bratton Castle. This Iron Age Hill Fort has defensive ditches cut into the hillside.


History of the White Horse 

The White horse that currently overlooks Westbury dates from 1778, although it has been inferred that a white horse previously occupied the site. This has been supported by the work of Reverend Wise, who published “Further Observations on the White Horse and other Antiquities in Berkshire” in 1742, white refers to a White horse in Westbury. From the observations made by Rev Wise, one could imagine the original White horse dated back to Saxon era (due to design). However a singular record referencing the design isn’t definitive proof, the Horse may have been designed in a pseudo-Saxon fashion.

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