Free cooking classes for Older People in Westbury


Westbury Area Board recently approved a grant from the Health and Wellbeing Group for ABC Cook (Any Body Can Cook) to deliver two 2 hour sessions at Grassacres Hall in Westbury for the older residents of our community.

The sessions which are free of charge can hold up to 40 people and will include advice and guidance from Catherine Maxwell and her team. All participants will have the opportunity to cook and eat a meal together and as an added bonus will leave with a slow cooker each so as to be able to continue to ensure they are cooking a wholesome hot meal at home.

These sessions are strictly bookable and contact must be made with Catherine and her team prior to the sessions on 12th and 19th April either by telephone 07825 223146 or email

This is a great opportunity for the older residents of the Westbury Community area to learn some new skills, socialise and meet new people and to get advice on a healthy diet and nutrition for free.

The members of Westbury Area Board voted unanimously to approve this grant funding and as the Community Engagement Manager for Westbury I look forward to reporting back at the Area Board in June on the successes of these sessions.

Free cookery lessons