In recent years, Westbury Town Council has carried out annual “benchmarking surveys” to measure a few things in our town. We look at the numbers of people in the town, usage of car parks and ask questions of shoppers and businesses.
The surveys are carried out by councillors (who are unpaid) and Wiltshire Council funds the cost of professional analysis by a specialist company as they find the information useful for comparison purposes, so the process does not cost the town very much. We and the other towns involved across the county and across the country receive the results showing comparisons of our figures particularly with similar towns.

This year we have added the option to carry out an on-line survey and hope to gather more information especially from people who are not in the town centre on the days we go out or who don’t use Westbury town centre – all information is valuable.

If you can spare a few minutes, we’d like to hear from you.

The survey does not require you to identify yourself and you will not be contacted as a result of taking part.

The survey closes on 31st March 2017

Please click the link below: