Wiltshire Council Grass Cutting Schedule & Spring Services

Grass Cutting

• Commence middle March for amenity areas
• 1st cut completed by mid April
• Amenity Grass will be cut monthly
• Additional cuts can be undertaken if separate arrangements are made with the interested parties. Fees apply.
• Completion of cutting will be at the end of the growing season Oct/ Nov

• Verges will be cut to maintain safety throughout the year. Reports can be made through the MyWiltshire system if concerned about any safety aspects re visibility.
• Scheduled large scale cut commences circa May. One cut of identified rural verges is undertaken.
• Completion circa eight weeks after commencement.

Litter Collection
• Scheduled high speed road litter pick Feb to April. Second litter pick in autumn.
• Scheduled daily litter picking of town centres.
• Scheduled attendance of barrowman in town centre
• All litter picking in compliance with the Code of Practice for Litter and Refuse. Reports can be made through the MyWiltshire system.

Gulley Emptying

• High Risk areas – primary routes will be visited annually, gullies inspected and emptied if required.
• All other gullies will be checked once every other year and emptied only if required.
• Blocked Gullies should be report on the MyWiltshire System:
o Blocked gullies reported that are likely to cause house or a safety issue will be emptied.
o All other block gullies will be left to the scheduled visit.
• However, if it is possible for the Parish Steward to address the gulley, please add this to your priority sheet.

Street Sweeping
• Town Centres will be swept a minimum of fortnightly.
• High Risk areas – primary routes will be swept annually.
• All other roads will be checked and swept accordingly.
• Dirty roads should be reported on the MyWiltshire System and they will be swept if deemed appropriate.

Amenity Hedges and Shrubs
• Maintenance will cease in March, as the resource will be switched to grass cutting.
• Maintenance will begin again in November following the ceasing of grass cutting.
• Please check the below link for hedge maintenance to ensure we have prioritised your preferences for maintenance. If you wish areas removed or added areas please contact your Streetscene Engineer with the details.