Public Meeting

The notes are now available from the Public Meeting on Monday 12th February, regarding the Thermal Treatment Plant:

Westbury Town Council – Public Meeting

Permitting Process

A short film about gasification was shown and can be viewed here:

Response from Hills & Northacre Renewable Energy to the questions raised by Friends of the Earth

Response from Wiltshire Council to the questions asked by Westbury Town Council following the Extraordinary Town Council meeting on 27.03.18

Response from the Environment Agency to the questions asked by Westbury Town Council following the Extraordinary Town Council meeting on 27.03.18



Agenda – Public Meeting

Northacre Renewable Energy Ltd – Advanced Thermal Treatment Facility.  

Stephenson Road, Northacre Trading Estate, Westbury. 

You are invited to attend a public meeting to be held at The Laverton, Bratton Road, Westbury

Monday 12th February 2018 from 18.30 to 20.15

Westbury Town Council is holding a public meeting on Monday 12th February 2018 to inform residents of Westbury about the planned Advanced Thermal Treatment Facility.
This meeting is being arranged to deliver a greater understanding about the Treatment Facility, the process and operation. The speakers noted in the agenda below will provide information in their specialist area and there will be an opportunity for residents to ask questions at the end of the meeting.  All interaction at this public meeting must be on the grounds of “mutual respect” with normal standards of courtesy maintained at all times. Thank you.

Agenda Public Meeting 12.02.18 (updated 30.01.18)

Agenda item Details Speaker
1. 18.30 to 18.40





Introduction:• Ground rules for the meeting• Setting the scene • Film – Gasification versus Incineration 
Cllr Gordon King





2. 18.40 to 19.00




Environmental Agency (EA) presentation:

• How the EA determines a permit application

• The role of public consultation during the permitting process

Andy Hickman


Jim Wilkinson


3. 19.00 to 19.20






Northacre Renewable Energy Ltd (Hills)

• Recording and monitoring

• Plume grounding

• The process for converting the syngas to energy

• Waste Transfer Facility 

Ed Dodd, Hills Waste Solutions


Alex Young, Bioenergy Infrastructure Group

4. 19.20 to 20.15





Questions from the public to the panel


At the meeting you will be asked to give your name, where you live (Westbury or other) and who you represent. 

Cllr Gordon King